As Willbon and [me personaly] admit yes they r boring but they r playing championship basketball.

current roster just Tony Timmy and Manu [emanuel] only remaining champions owners but Timmy got 4

there is no leader but we have to admint they are slower and less dnagerouse without Tony

there is no rock guy like other teams that have to score +-30 regular

they are playing total team basketball

there is no animal dunks like LE WADE
there is no fast and faggots play

there is no alley opps

there is mostly layups 3s from corner and jumpshots/teardrops

and last only franchise that have won more games than any other team in last 15 years

and even when Lakers Jax knew how to win against Spurs Lakers are 3-1 in last 4 series vs them in last 10 years dont count 2013 Lakers were without any Starter Spurs have better winning record @ home