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    Default Van Gundy: Knicks' 2012-13 was a success

    Some Knicks fans felt that the 2012-13 season was a disappointment.

    Former Knicks coach and ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy disagrees.

    "I never was on that bandwagon that their season was anything but a success," Van Gundy, who along with Mike Breen will call The Finals on ABC, said on a conference call Tuesday. "You know, it's steps in the NBA. You don't usually go from really bad to championships. There's intermediate steps, and I thought the Knicks took a big step this year and I thought the Pacers were very good."

    The Knicks won 54 games in 2012-13. They also won an Atlantic Division title for the first time since 1994 and a playoff series this season for the first time since 2000.

    But the Knicks, who finished second in the Eastern Conference, lost in six games to the Pacers, who were seeded third. Van Gundy thought the Knicks-Pacers series was decided after the first game, which the Knicks lost at Madison Square Garden.

    "Game 1 swung the whole series," Van Gundy said. "Indiana took home court and were able to win three at home, and that's how quickly home court advantage can go if you don't play well. Six months of effort to get the extra home game, lose it in two and a half hours."
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    Motivation moving forward to continue to succeed... Just on management to improve the roster this off-season...

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    the dark ages were terrible. hopefully, knicks will get lucky with a few good pieces along the way and continue to trucking forward.

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    We've played them 7 times in the post-season every first game winner has gone on to win the series. I agree with JVG, bust your ass for 82 games to get home court and not to take advantage hurt us. Miami on the other hand used it in game 7.

    After seeing them take the Heat to 7 games I gained a lot of respect for that team, they have a bright future. I think they will have to trade Granger to keep that team intact though.

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    Yeah imo there not much difference between us and the Pacers. We're both 2nd fiddle to the Heat. Next year include the Bulls in that group as well as another (maybe the Nets ).....I had us finishing our division around 4th, so we met/exceeded my expectations

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    The Knicks' 2012-13 became a failure because of Mr.Mike Woodson. A better coach would have gotten this roster of talented players to the NBA finals.
    Humility is a virtue and pride is a vice.

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    Originally Posted by knicksin60
    The Knicks' 2012-13 became a failure because of Mr.Mike Woodson. A better coach would have gotten this roster of talented players to the NBA finals.

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    Its hard to believe a word that comes out the mouth of a 6 year unemployed NBA head coach JVG.
    How JVG & Breen got to announce the FINALS .. were a sorry selection.

    I predicted the Knicks were going to WIN the Atlantic Division Title before training-camp, which they did.
    Did the Knicks have a successful season? Yes and NO!
    Did the Knicks have success in 3-Ball shooting? Yes!
    Did the Knicks have success in team-chemistry? HELL-NO!
    Did the Knicks have success in team-defense? NO!
    Did the Knicks have success in ISO-Melo scoring? Yes!
    Did the Knicks have success in ISO-JR scoring? Yes and NO!
    Did the Knicks have success in having the most injury-prone players in the NBA? Yes!
    Did the Knicks have success in building a better winning team for next season? NO!
    Ask any Knicks fan how many of the players on the roster they want to return next season?
    How many Knicks Fans grade HC Woodson with a B+ for the 2012-13 season?
    How many Knicks Fans notice the NO-EFFORT from Knicks players in the postseason games???


    Our success lies in having a veteran roster of players that can actually win games with ....
    To much damn dribbling, way to much perimeter shooting, and less ball-movement this season.
    1) Felton dribble to much, but he's the PG .. grade C+
    2) JR dribble to damn much, wanting to win the game by scoring without playing defense .. grade ???
    3) Melo dribble to damn much on every offensive possession as if he's the only player on the court, plus Melo's the worst defensive-player on the Knicks roster .. grade ???

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    It depends what you expected. I personally feel good about getting out of the first round. When you look at our team it's an achievement in itself. We had a bunch of injury-prone old farts, guys who are almost/over 30 with zero NBA experience, and J.R. and Melo who our are prime players but are pretty much A.I. style blackholes. The future is slightly concerning as there are people questioning our coach and no real team stability. At least we're not the Isiah lead team we were a few years back though!

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