Ewing was drafted in 85 some ppl in herre wasnt even borned that day

But when i saw Ewing was traded for me it was like Tsunami disaster

and yes its truth i saw on ESPN that Spurs is best franchise is Sports profession

even when Celtics had 17 titles and Lakers 16 still Spurs are better winning %

totaly shocking news when i saw is that their strongest trio are 2nd alltime after Johnson Jabbar with winning

Lakers got 110 all time playoffs winnin Spurs already 99 which means they can be totaly the best ever next season.

this is why i dont like move for 1 elite player which "maintains" team with winning.

I dont like Spurs but i can have huge respect for them what they done they behaviour their coach which is already called Genious and he has been called for shortest answers interview