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check roster from 00-10 miserable

Jalen Rose Malik Rose Starbury Duhon Al harrington Q Rich Fred Jones Othela Harrington Travis Knight Howard Eisley C Weatherspoon M Doleac P Hardaway McDyess V Baker F Wiliams

i wont be listing longer all players which was traded to NY was way ago after their prime

none of them was playing D and none of them was scoring big time

they even score Glen Rice or Luc Longley

Knicks are richest franchise but now they singned long term players that now simply dissapoints.

Knicks just now after longs years have proper coach but not championship coach.

I dont know when Knicks we sing player with D abilty like Starks Mason oakley and ewing

that times there was no proper PG Ward or Child was awful Ward should be played in NFL .

B4 Melo Knicks got only H20 and Sprewell as playoff players.

goin back memoery from 2nd part of 90s just look @ heat roster

ZO T-hard PJ Brown MAshburn Majerle all of them are D players.

PG-Chris Childs offense/defence were a B average starter on the Nets, Knicks, and Raptors .... the Raptors beat us in the first round in 5 games off the strength of PG-Childs & PF-Oakley .. Spree & H2O over-played Carter & T-Mac in that series.
That's the series where Oakley told his teammate Vince Carter he need to step-up his performance in the postseason-games...