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Head coach Byron Scott was never afraid to admit his two assistant-coaches Jordan & Tripucka's idea & orchestration of the uptempo-offensive system were a success with Kidd, Kittles, and K-Mart leadership running the system.

Byron Scott inherited assistant coaches Jordan & Tripucka who were on the Nets coaching-staff 2 years before the hiring of headcoach Byron Scott.
Coach Frank was hired by the Nets the year after the Byron Scott took the Nets to their first season to the FINALS.

Assistant coaches Jordan & Tripucka both left the Nets to take the head coaching job of the Washington Wizards, after the Nets consecutive season in the FINALS.
The Nets 3rd season without the assistant coaches Jordan & Tripucka on the staff, became so chaotic that headcoach Byron Scott was fired in the middle of the season, and a clueless coach Frank became the interim head coach depended heavy on Kidd, Kittles, and K-Mart leadership, but coach Frank folded under pressure with a 3-2 lead in the playoff (with Game-6 at Home in NJ), the Detroit Pistons won the next two games of the series to go to the FINALS .. the Nets wouldve won that series with Byron or Jordan & Tripuka...
There goes kiya guessing and where i have to put him in check again... U said frank folded? I keep tellin u i know my mans career. Kidd didn't even have a single fg in that game 7 so u tell me who folded. Learn your stop makin silly guesses of how u think things are becausr u always wrong with your assessments. We all love kidd but that loss back then,was on him not frank. Frank came in and they went on a tear

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