The Knicks have made qualifying offers of 988K to both Prigs and Cope. Let's say they both don't get other offers and they accept the Knicks qualifying offers, that's nearly 2M we use from the taxpayer MLE to sign them as FA's leaving us with a little more than 1M to sign someone else. That's not a lot of money to sign any of those 3 guys unless they sign with the Knicks for the vet's min.

I was also wondering whether Delfino of Cisco had the better career and the two are like two peas in a pod. Both 8ppg career avg, 36% on their 3s and Cisco having a slightly higher 43% FG% to Delfino's 40%. I was impressed with how well Cisco defended KD in the playoffs so I might give him the edge defensively vs. Carlos.