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By ALLAN HOUSTON, Knicks guard

Unfortunately, the season has come to a close for us. This year was my 10th season in the NBA, seven of which I have spent in a Knicks uniform. Over the past seven years I have come to appreciate a very important aspect of playing in New York City - Knicks fans.
My teammates and I truly understand how fortunate we are to have the support of the people of New York. Every time we run through the Madison Square Garden tunnel to take the court, we thrive on the energy that you provide. From the 400 sections to courtside next to Spike, you bring your "A" game every night.

You are our most ferocious supporters and our most honest critics, but we always appreciate your passionate support.

One of the great rewards we have as athletes is the opportunity to create memories and influence a young life in a positive manner through our actions. We value all of you but the young, true-blue Knicks fans are special. Whether it's seeing their excitement when they come to a game or watching their reaction when we make a community visit, that moment of recognition from them makes all our efforts worthwhile.

Looking back on the season, we had some great individual accomplishments and some satisfying wins, but I am sure most of you would agree with me that "Patrick Ewing Night" was a highlight of this year. It really stood out as a classic tribute to a Knicks legend and New York sports great. That night, you really stepped up and showed Patrick, his family and former teammates an incredible amount of respect and appreciation for their outstanding contribution to the history of this proud organization. The admiration you bestowed on Patrick reminded me why I love to play and live in New York.

Making the playoffs and competing for an NBA championship remain our top priorities. Sadly we fell short of our goal this year in wins, but I must say we did not fall short in passion. We as an organization believe that our best years as athletes, fans, and as New Yorkers, are yet to come.

Lastly, I have to be honest and admit that I would much rather be playing today than writing this letter. But given all that my teammates and I have endured this year, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to simply say to you . . . thanks!

God bless.
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