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Easily Felton. Team desperate of a PG could use him, but Knicks need an upgrade at PG. Having Felton leaves JR Smith or Amare to be our 2nd best player...and that's horrible to contend with the Heat, Pacers and Bulls.
Metro .... We messed-up BIG-TIME by not re-signing Jeremy Lin to a full-season to be tutored by HOF Jason Kidd, and veteran Felton. Could u imagine the big-hype Lin-Sanity wouldve receive world-wide throughout a full season sleeping on Jason Kidd's King-size couch in the Hamptons? LOL

Boy oh boy, did we FF-up big-time in trying to get the future top-tier NBA FA PG wanting to sign with the Knicks ..
it's not happening after Carmelo Anthony career interaction with Miller, Iverson, Billups, Lin, Felton, and finally HOF Jason Kidd.
Rumors .. has it Jason Kidd left Cuban's Mavs to sign a 3 yr contract with the Knicks to tutor a young raw Jeremy Lin skills into a veteran leadership PG to add to Kidd's future HC resume .. its just rumors made from Owner Cuban's explosion comments on Kidd's departure from the Mavs last offseason.