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It appears that the Clippers will not be able to get Garnett. It also appears that they have locked up Chris Paul. How about Tyson Chandler (salary for next year $14.1M), for D. Jordan and Eric Bledsoe (combined salary for next year about $13.6M). The Clippers could use a defensive presence. Bledsoe is going to be a star. D. Jordan is not bad.

If the Knicks could make this happen it would be score......I just do not see it happening........I think you can get more for bledsoe and Jordan then Tyson.....Not a knock on Tyson I just think Bledsoe plus Jordan is a better deal.....

Clippers could do Bledsoe/Jordan for Danny Granger........This gives clippers their 3rd star and Pacers get a PG in Bledsoe and Jordan as a 6th/7th mand and trade trip if it does not gel for the next year.