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    Default 2k13 draft vs 2k3 draft

    if some1 forgot 2k3 draft was

    Bron MElo Wade Bosh Milicic Kaman

    how its ended

    Milicic earned title with Pistons and dont want come back anymore to NBA he said NBA created from him player which he said he is not .

    Miami heat after 25-57 drafted Wade over Kaman
    year leater they scored 42-40 and were in playoffs but lost to Pacers in ECF matter fact Lamar Odom was there too as 5th year

    Chris Bosh drafted to Raptors spend 5 years with Raptors for few years he had jamaican hairstyle

    Lebron after draft to Cavs scored just one loosing season

    Miami completely changed/rebuilded their roster only Wade and Haslem still there [since 2k3]

    Melo spend too much time in Nuggets.
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