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Copeland is foul prone and has trouble moving laterally on defense, which can be worked on. But what makes Copeland special is his offense.

He had a tremendous debut to the NBA. For Copeland's first season, he averaged over 20 ppg per 36 minutes. He shot 48% and 42% from 3pt land. He can drive, slash and cut to the basket. His shooting improved every month. He can only get better each season since he's getting familiar with the NBA style and gaining more confidence in his game every month. He'll be a better scoring coming into the 13-14 season.

Who ever will get Copeland should be very happy. I hope we keep him. He's a great character and teammate. He always tries his best on the floor and gives you what he can...you can't be mad at that, especially since this guy went undrafted.

I like Copeland more than JR Smith because Copeland has excellent shot selection. Copeland just needs to work on his defense and passing. He was a great insurance back up when Melo was hurt. He'll keep the Pelicans in many ways since they need scoring.