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    Default Is there ANY good reason to trade Chandler?

    I understand people's frustrations with him, and even if it was mainly due to him being sick and being injured, I'd take my chances on a guy who's sick and can play through injury versus a guy who can't play a lot every/almost every season and wasn't ever DPOY. While Camby might still be able to play great, he's 39 and has been injured and not been able to play a lot of his career. Kenyon Martin is great, but I don't feel safe with him as our only above average interior defender either because of his past injuries.

    I don't know about players in the draft, or about other centers in the NBA's seemingly future ability, but we know what Chandler has done in the recent past, won a championship with his defense and changed the Knicks' defense for the better. Do NOT forget what you want, and that's a championship. You think the Knicks can win just by scoring and perimeter defense? Did you see the Pacers against Chandler and Martin? Chandler wasn't healthy, you think the Knicks can get somebody else to do a better job? The Pacers' big men aren't the only ones the Knicks have to be ready for. Also, they need to defend great slashers.

    I'm not saying there's no other alternative to Chandler, but I don't see there being any. Tell me what you think. Besides, would it be that shocking for him to return to form? The team defense has the potential to be good, so if Chandler is healthy, he just needs to not worry about foul trouble as much and scare opponents from coming in the paint.

    Hopefully Chandler works with Hakeem. I do think Chandler can be smooth on offense and score a solid amount more.
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