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    Default Gotta snatch up Marion, not at all impossible

    Look The Knicks do not have the ability to get back a player in a sign and trade but can still execute one in which we send out a player. We have 954k in trade exceptions, 3 million of Dolan's cash and Camby's 2 year deal that is only guaranteed 1 million next year

    So Charlotte takes on Marion's deal from Dallas and Mavs comp them w/ a pick in return

    They then send Marion to us for Copeland (signed with 3 million dollar first year salary) Camby, 3 million cash and trade exception!

    Dallas gets that contract off books, end of story!

    Charlotte gets Copeland for free when you factor in cash, exception makes deal work. They then just waive Camby and eat his 4 million dollars this year and again get a pick from Dallas.

    We get a 3rd potential All NBA Defensive player in our starting 5!

    totally against this small ball thing Woody plays, but it is what it is; and if we are gonna run with it then Marion is perfect. Two way player we desperately need

    Give Will Bynum mini MLE, sign Lamar Odom to vet minimum and then bring back KMart

    Shump/Priggs/Hardawaw (let himDevelop)
    Melo /Stat/Kmart/Marion/Odom

    With this lineup intact and Healthy no team in this league worries me! Improved team without compromising future of team!

    I say two 2nd rounders in a sign and trade w Suns for JR is fair as long as those picks are in the next 2 years.
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