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    Default Knicks decline option on James White

    The Knicks have declined their roughly $1 million team option for James White, which would've gone into effect next season, making him an unrestricted free agent.

    White's agent, Dan Curtin, confirmed the news to This was predicted when the season ended.

    White, who specializes in defense and played in 57 games (16 starts) for the Knicks last season, has had some early NBA inquiries for 2013-14. But it's more likely he'll return overseas, where he played for several years before coming to New York.

    What destination might be next for White? China.

    "There is NBA interest, but he will make much more in China," Curtin said. "We're negotiating with several Chinese teams now for big money."

    It would be White's second stint in China, but this time it would be for much longer. He played in the country for only two weeks the first time because he was fielding several NBA offers.

    White hasn't become a household name in the NBA, but he has a legion of fans overseas, where he has been one of the top scoring and playmaking point forwards in the game.

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    g'bye, don't let the door hit yo ass on the way out.

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    Thanks for making me look like an ******* when I made sure people would watch you win the Slam Dunk contest...THANKS.

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    Let James White serve as an example as to why we should not get too hyped over You Tube Higlights!
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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