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JR Smith isn't a serious basketball player. He's 27, but still has the same mind he did when he was 18. He surrounds himself with too many distractions and is probably one of the most active instagram/twitter NBA users in the league. He uses a lot of his free time doing mindless activities and never reforming his game.

JR Smith has Vince Carter type talent but Tim Thomas work ethic.
His performance in the playoffs was a ticket on his way out of New York.

His scoring is great and horrible all at once. For him to be on, he needs two or three bad games. Defensively, he fell off from where he started.

The reports of JR buying weed, cocaine and drinking liquor at the clubs is something this franchise should not have to deal with. JR Smith really doesn't deserve a penny from the Knicks. He needs to grow up into a man and leave all that partying crap alone.

First he threw that elbow that caused the suspension that we seemed to never recover from as a team (imagine he didn't do that and we swept the celtics and had more time to rest up for the pacers). Then instead of being on his best behavior and trying to redeem himself he goes out and plays like crap and goes to the club the night before we play the Pacers and does god knows what. I don't wanna see him near this team come next year.