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Just like Laundry Fields, JR was a no show during times of adversity. And thank goodness we had those times to really find out what some of these guys are made of.

The problem with JR is the stubborness of this coach who was hell bent on proving he could control JR, turn him into a reliable star, and that JR's best role was as 6th man.

Now while I must say JR did fulfill his 6th man duties, he still lacks what I'm personally looking for and that's a consistent defender and smart player who makes sound decisions. Without these traits no one can convince me JR is in demand.

Picture a top coach like Phil or Pop coaching JR... he wouldn't even had the chance to chuck so much, hence his contribution is over-inflatted ala what happens in D'Antoni's system.

Nope. No thank you. If you can't guard your man, you can't play. Defense wins games.
Defense isnt JR's game, however he did improve on it and had games when he was a pest defensively. I would shake my head when he would foul someone at 3 point line, guy makes basket and its a 4 point play...but he isn't Steve Novak out there and is average on D.

His rebounding was impressive. There were games when he had 10 rebounds along with double digit points. For a bench player those numbers are fantastic.

His problem is that Woodson puts too much trust in him when he is having off nights and that JR doesn't drive to the hoop enough.

If JR just changed his offensive approach to being more aggressive rather than finesse then he would be an all star.

If you want defense put in Shump, if you want versatile scoring put in Smith.