What the hell???????????

most random trade in the last 3 years.

We sent a first round pick and 2nd round pick to the Raptors...

Talent wise, this is a good deal...but I wished Camby got healthy and played for the Knicks. anytime he puts on a Knicks uniform he gets injured. Camby is my favorite big man of this decade, because when he plays he averages a double double, 3 assist with 3 blocks per game and great defense...at the end of his career now I don't think he can stay healthy with an 82 game season....82 games is too many games for a season, f*cking capitalist NBA owners squeezing ever ounce of profit they can get from these players.

If we get Bargs, we gotta hold him down to a 20 minute per game role. Bargs is a 7 foot guy who can put it on the floor get to the free throw line and hit jumpshots, but the problem is he does it at an inefficient rate....we already got Melo to chuck up shots

This really flips the script on the season...where the hell do we go from here?

Talk about not addressing our shot blocking and interior defense woes...Knicks front office are already smoking a lot of ganja this summer.