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Take it from someone that's been to a lot of Raptor games. Bargnani is the softest player in the league. Rap fans boo'd him the second he got on the court to the second he got off. He's a poor rebounder,inconsistent shooter, he's slow, has no heart and every time he stepped foot on the court the other team went on a run. He couldn't get minutes over Aaron Gray for god's sake. I'm just gonna assume Grunny has something else up his sleeve because I refuse to believe anyone can be that stupid.
I am optimistic like I was with the Yankees signing Ichiro. Ichiro showed no interest to be in Seattle and was having his worst year batting like 240. Then he comes to NY and he is revitalized being on a better team and ends the season at like 280 with some clutch hits.

Bargnani cant have same attitude in NY and I hope he knows that. The media will destroy him. I believe he will come and be respectful. Being on a dismal team for years can make u grumpy.