Unless Melo opts out, the draft pick isn't a big deal. The Knicks had little wiggle room and when an opportunity like this presents itself, to transform a few DNC-CD players into the former #1 pick (with recent success), whose game compliments our star... Well, you have to roll the dice... even if that means giving up something like a #1 pick. As mentioned, we have tons of cap space being cleared so that pick wont really mean as much in terms of obtaining talent. Just means that we better develop Shump & Hardaway and find something in 2014. NOw, to make this a true gem of a trade... Knicks need to keep it going... B/C this cannot be our "biggest" move this offseason. We need a viable backup PK, another banger (rebounder) and a shooter, along with bringing back either Copeland or Smith, and keeping Prigs.