This is a great trade.. We gave up basically nothing.. Camby doesnt play.. and Novak is a very 1 dimensinal player who needs a perfect assist to drain his shots.. And it seemed that Novak lost his minutes to Copeland at the end there anyway.. The 1st round pick will probably be a late pick anyways and will probably not be better than Bargs anyway.. We got Gallo back!

lol but seriously .. From an offensive standpoint this is great news.. we can start Bargs at the 4 and bring STAT to come off the bench.. Bargs doesnt occupy the same space on the floor as Chandler and Melo and he stretches the floor because defensders have to respect his 3 point shooting.. Melo is gonna have alot more easy looks now If the rumors are tru about Tony Allen, That move can put us over the top