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Plays post defense? Are you kidding? Barni is a cardboard cut out. At best he will put his hands straight up in the air and not jump to meet the defender. I honestly wondered how many posters this guy is on, but then realized it's not that many because he's soft like pasta sauce and doesn't protect the rim. at all.

A pick is a pick. It is what it is. After years of sending picks away for high-priced, over hyped, under-performing players, yeah I'm a bit weary of giving up multiple picks for a #1 pick that has never produced and never will. Maybe we move him sooner in a package for something better... maybe we don't. The trade makes us better in 2016, unless that 2016 pick turns out to be a better player then Barni, which is highly likely (2016 will be a talent loaded draft, David Lee was the 30th pick, Rondo was #21, Tony Parker was #28)

I'm not saying we should have stood pat, but I'm not happy with this trade as our "major upgrade" of the off-season that makes us a title contender. Think about it, is having Barni on the team going to make a difference when we face Hibbert and the pacers again? I'm not saying it was a terrible deal and we got fleeced but I have doubts that Bargni will be healthy next year and contribute to a team that has championship aspirations.
Our best upgrade is gonna be shumps growth. Shump has gary Payton potential.

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