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Knicks knew the risk but I won't get mad man... Nobody was coming here for less the knicks were a joke organization around the league and its not his fault he is injury prone (save for that fire extinguisher incident) when he got here. Also him coming here was the catalyst for the changes that got the Knicks making it to the second seed last season.

Two more years and the Knicks should go all in and using his expiring (alongside Tyson's and bargnani) make a team of lebron killers around Melo and win some chips.

Anyhow its Dolan's money....
Great point about Stat bringing credibility to us

When Miami signed Lebron and Bosh players knew they had to link up to win and frankly David Lee was not a player by himself that was gonna attract a lot of big named players although he is proving to be the better value than Stat! But Lee was an Isiah player and The Knicks needed a makeover

Stat's MVP like showing his first year in NY made players want to come here...just him signing with us made Melo want to be here and the two of them put NY back on the map

Stat ushered in a new regime that took The Knicks from being a joke back to respectability and now trying to build a champion and none of this occurs if we sign Lee Boozer or even Bosh. Stat's boldness and leadership stimulated our fan base. Its hard to imagine now us not being on nationally televised games but before Stat we got one a year (I think that's an NBA mandate) to being on a couple times a week!

Its hard to say that one season was worth 100 million, yet in a lot of ways it was because the impact it had on the culture

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