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The BIG laugh will be at the end of the offseason, when we find out how many decent FA signed on to be apart of ISO-Melo.
The BIG-BIG laugh will be at the end of the 2013-14 season when the Jason Kidd Nets take the Division Title at ease, and the Raptors are 3 to 4 seeds ahead of us bc we took the $12M heavy load that made them a 9 to 11 seed team.

What happen to the teams after we took their heavy load contracts off their hands in the past?
The Bulls won their first Championship.
The Spurs won another Championship.
The Suns went to the WCF twice.
The Knicks built more winning NBA teams through foolish trades than Stern did in his crooked career in the NBA.
The raptors 3 or 4 seeds higher then the knicks. Haha so so so delirious. So if absolute worst we were 5th then the raptors would be 2nd. Haha. You are truly the most fictional poster in the history of forums.

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