So much pessimism, here's the thing... I'm spare u the "if amare is healthy" "if t.c. can develop a small post game" "melo can be a better facilitator" mumbo jumbo that's not gonna happen. I have a few realistic thoughts about our team v development. We can still be an elite team if just one or even both of these happen. Shump continues to grow to become our without a doubt second best player, and put up all star numbers which I expect. Or bargnani gets his mojo back, inspired by a new team, a contender and he's not the focal point. If that happens we would have stat, shump, felt, jr, bargs all capable of getting scoring in the mid teens easily. On top of melos prowess. It's going to happen and bargnani will pay dividends for us and shump will grow into all star territory next year. Both will happen and its not really hard. But only if one of the 2 happen we can still contend

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