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Dude you're saying if Tyson isn't our only rebounder which means your implying acquisitions. I'm speaking on the current team as is. I'm not saying the team as is, is perfect if we can upgrade our players then do so. But it's possible...very possible that we will get better because of the players already on the roster and it won't be because of the our highest paid players changing but simpler things that are gonna happen with lesser players.
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And I don't know where you're getting any of this from.

You're speaking on the current team as is, and just making stuff up while ignoring tangible evidence of deficiencies. You keep saying "simpler things that are gonna happen" like Shump somehow blossoming into an all-star player, and Bargnani is going to hit shots..

I fail to see how you think that's what the Knicks problem from last season was...but ok I guess. What I saw last year was a team that struggled to rebound, especially on the defensive glass, and a team that had no inside presence.

So how this teams gets better because of "players already on the roster" is a little impossible because Indy, Chi, and Miami didn't get worse...yet we didn't get better. So when you say get better, you mean we make it to the ECF? Cause this team, as presently constructed, isn't beating any team of notoriety in the East in a 7-game series. We didn't get handled by Indy by accident last year.

Not a damn thing any of the "lesser" players on the roster does about that.