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An absolutely useless and dumb@$$ move, classic Knick move.
This move makes us 3 seasons behind (LATE) .. we were suppose to get SG-Monta Ellis in the trade for David Lee in 2010 offseason, to start building a winning team with 3 new starters in 2010-11 season with .. PG-Felton, SG-Ellis, and PF-Amare. We had to make our 2010 2nd-round draft pick our starting SG throughout the 2010-11 season (Landry Fields) .. which made our 2010-Plan turned out to be a 2 season JOKE of JOKES!!! Melo & Iverson vs Melo & Ellis = 1st round playoff team.I rather have Amare & Iverson without Melo .. or Amare & Ellis without Melo = 2nd round playoff team.