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    Default Golden State has interest in Baragani

    Interesting, they were gonna put together a package before we dealt for him (assuming it goes through)

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    if this is a 3 team flip, it sits a heck of a lot better with me than Baragani. David is a popular ex Knick and would give us rebounding that we sorely need.

    They had a "package" for Baragnai ( I know I'm killing his name) curious as to what that looks like!

    Could a Baragnai/Chandler deal for Bogut and Lee be in the works?

    Lee's deal does extend into that 2015/16 which I have been against any deal doing so, yet it could be worth it and David at 15 million is not too bad if he's still producing.

    Also the oft injured Bogut is a risk which does could get us to get a draft pick in this deal. But he did give 7.5 and almost 11 rebs along with 1.5 blocks in the playoffs against two really good teams (Nuggets and Spurs)

    Golden State would love Chandler they went hard after him and he and Mark Jackson seem like a perfect match and he gives championship experience to a very young (but damn good) team.

    Andrea (thats easier to spell) fits in too, he also gives them cap relief and Golden State did well with out Lee in playoffs so worst case this is a wash in terms of production at the PF spot that provided them with some cap relief.


    I gotta say if I'm a Warriors fan I like it.

    for us

    Felton/Bynum or Brooks
    Shump/JR (I'd bring him back if we do this deal)/Hardaway
    Melo/Odom (vet min)

    scenario 2 (and more favorable)

    they want to do a swap of Lee and Andrea


    kinda hard to imagine they would settle for this, but I am starting to like Hardaway yet I would throw him and Cope in to keep Tyson and it may just work...I mean Tim Hardaway Sr would like that more!


    That if I was a G-State fan is a nice package for Lee, youth and future cap space. Copeland and Hardaway fit right in to the culture of that team.

    Felton/Aaron Brooks (vet min)
    Shump/Toney Allen
    Melo/Odom (vet Min)/CJ Leslie

    And in one move we're back to 2nd best team in East, Melo, Lee, Chandler = hands down the best NBA front court.

    I'd feel less need for JR if we kept Chandler because w/ Chandler back would not need JR low post dominance...just a joke!!!!! if we bring back Chandler the roster is going through less of a overhaul and I could stand to bring in another new piece easier; after like JR or not team chemistry is major so doing too much can be detrimental.

    That all said, letting JR go and adding Allen would be Selma sexy! Aaron Brooks has been bought out, thus he will sign for less. and as always I gotta throw in Lamar Odom because I like bringing NY guys back to play hear and I love him as a backup to Melo because he too can fluctuate between 4 and 5

    Grunny gave up picks for Andrea and is motivated to get this done, gotta believe/hope its for more than just Andrea and cap space and this would make sense!

    Could you imagine, Novak, Camby, Cope Hardaway and picks for David ultimately a very good move

    Stay tuned!!!
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