Now that NBA free agency is in full swing, there are rumors running rampant. Last season Jeremy Lin was the center of those rumors and this offseason he finds himself in the middle of trade rumors. The Houston Rockets are currently heavily pursuing Dwight Howard, but according to reports, Howard will only sign with the Rockets if they are willing to bring in a third superstar to go along with himself and James Harden. The only way that could happen would be if the Rockets trade away Jeremy Lin.

As good as Lin is on the basketball court, he really is no better than a bench player. Lin's value is more important when it comes to marketing, putting butts in the seats and selling jerseys. He is more of a celebrity than a basketball player.

In case you have been living under a rock, Lin first became famous as a member of the New York Knicks. When Carmelo Anthony missed a chunk of time last year, Lin stepped in and led the Knicks to several victories. However, he decided to take the most money and sign with the Rockets last offseason.

Is it possible that the Knicks would welcome Lin back to their team?

As stated previously, Lin brings a lot of attention with him wherever he goes and the Knicks have never been a team to shy away from the spotlight. If Lin would be willing to take a role on the bench, we do believe that New York would welcome him back with open arms.

Regardless of what happens with the Houston Rockets, it is hard to imaging Lin finding himself without a team. There are a ton of places that would love to give him a contract just because of his die-hard fans. As a basketball player in the NBA, as long as you can sell jerseys, you'll have a job.

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