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The last 2 seasons Toronto been trying to move Bargani, but couldnt bc Bargani performance is only worth $3M to $4M per.
Our Knicks organization is still the gullible-fool to take on over-paid players contracts that are twice the salary of the players worth.
Being we are New York BIG-APPLE the capital of tourist where a 23 win season Knicks team could sell-out 30 games out of 41 games in MSG, making a decent profit each win or lose season by keeping our cap above $75M per gives the Knicks owner a team worth $400M to $500M in ASSETS .. having a half a billion asset in just one of the many organization u own puts u where in our society???
I have yet to see someone on the Knicks in the Woodson era that lacks the drive to be better at their game. Even the injury prone Amare has been working his hardest to get back in shape. Now you could say its his work ethic and this is true, but I don't think Woodson would play Bargnani if he won't bring 100%.