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Damn! u really r a proffesional idiot .. Kidd & Terry became very close friends for 5 seasons in Dallas to win a chip together.
JR elbowing Terry in the jaw in the final 5 minutes of a game we had a 14 point lead heading for a 3-0 series, not only infuriated Kidd, but Tyson Chandler too. With Kidd & Tyson upset with Melo's homeboy JR we had NO WINS in the next two games vs a weak Boston club.

It does'nt take a rocket scienctist to figure out when, and who restructured a plan to move "Kidd/Terry/Pierce/and KG" to the Brooklyn Nets on June Draft Night .. Do u really want to watch "HoneynutCheerios" bumb into the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the 2013-14 playoffs?
What do u think the score is going to look like on Dec. 5th at Barkley Center when the Knicks play their first game vs Nets???
ur Damn right I will be there!
I forgot u have exclusive locker room access... you never say any facts to back up your opinions, just history lessons that mean nothing. Infuriated? Sooo then I guess it took kidd of his game, oh and Tyson chandler too? Well they didn't do anything to get us up anyway so another point failed..... who r u rooting for when u go to the game. I guarantee u wont answer this question without some contingencies. Knicks or nets

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