So it looks like once we sign one of these guys our Free Agency activity will be done for a while if not completley concluded. Of course signing both would just be tedious because one would not play.

Lets break it down.


  • Fierce competitor
  • Enforcer (probably the best in NBA)
  • Versatile defender (did a decent job on Durant)
  • Playoff expereince
  • Familiar with current Knicks
  • Rebounder
  • Shot blocker
  • finishes with authroity around the rim
  • Limited offensive game
  • faded away in Indy series
  • Free throw shooting

  • New York Guy (passion for the Team)
  • 2 way player (more or less)
  • decent back to basket game
  • Can play along side of Tyson and Melo
  • Often injured
  • some playoff experience but not a lot for a player with 10+ years
  • new to team (continuity
  • his perception of his value

Brand is in the same situation Kmart was in last off season, he may think there is more of a market out there for him! I would love Brand to come but would hate to see Kmart walk as we wait for Brand only to sign him after the season starts. It is imperative that we start this season with all our rotation guys!

now weighing the plus and minus it seems that Kmart brings more, yet the things Brand brings are more what we need...we'd take a step back defensively, yet we'd improve significantly on the offensive end, Brad's offensive abilities against Indy changes that series dramatically...lets examine possible lineups with both


To me this should have been our starting 5 yet it fizzled during the playoffs -at least the one game Woody tried it-. Kmart's limited offensive game allows teams to double hard on Melo and/or clog the lanes which also hurts Felton's drives. yet Tyson and Kmart on the floor together is strong! And with Shump guarding his man on perimeter we would be a top 5 defensive team


On paper this is a very solid starting 5. The problem is this pretty much negates the need of either Stat or Bargs...we gave up too much (picks) not to play Bargs and Stat just makes too much to be benched. Brand unlike Kmart does not slide well to the 5 so he presents a potential log jam at 4 not to mention creating an issue in terms of backup Center.

cast your votes...I'm still deciding