I have a question. We have signed Prigioni for about $2M a year. This is at least somewhat over the veteran's minimum -- assuming Prigioni, as a second year player, is eligible for a "veteran's" minimum. I am not sure just how much of our mini-midlevel exception we have used up. My question is whether the mini-mid level stands alone and cannot be added to a veteran's minimum or other minimum for a single player. In other words, do we have to use minimums and mini-mid levels separately or can they be combined.? If a team cannot increase an allowed "minimum" by dipping into whatever may be left of a mini or other mid level, then, given we paid a portion of the mini-mid level for Prigioni, we probably cannot pay either Brand or Kmart an amount that is appreciably different from a veteran's minimum. I am not sure we can get either one for the amount we likely have available.