Did Smith sign on for another four years of being a reserve? He expressed a strong desire to start at the beginning of the 2012-13 season and was disappointed when Mike Woodson decided to use him off the bench.

The Knicks haven't given any indication that Smith's role will change. Their reserves, led by Smith, averaged 38.5 points per game, fourth best in the NBA. And Iman Shumpert has proved to be valuable in the starting five.

Smith's signing might affect the playing time for first-round pick Tim Hardaway Jr. The rookie's role will also depend, to some degree, on whether the Knicks add another free-agent wing this summer.

Starting Lineup could be:

J.R. Smith

For all of you that keep insisting that Melo will lineup at the 3, then I guess you have not been watching the Knicks lately... Not only is Carmelo a better PF that he is SF... His defensive worth is better, taking him off the perimeter and moving him to the post allows him to be physical... Not saying he doesn't have the ability to be that perimeter defender, but more of his willingness... Anthony at the 4 spot allows him to create mismatches offensively which gives us a better chance of succeeding...

So the question is, does the 6th man deserve to start and would he compliment Carmelo in the starting rotation... Between Felton, Shumpert driving to the rim, we could use another mid-range/3 pt. shooter on the wing to spread the floor, but his consistency is the issue... If this is the case, one would have to worry about the lack of rebounding that our 7 footer tends to do... (swatting missed shots often to the opposition, rather grabbing the rebound and kicking it out to one of our players)

What do you think???