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I'm not saying the Knicks had, or have the assets to get him..but how valuable would that 2016 1st round pick have been in any deal involving a player that wants out of town?

I wouldn't mind Asik and Beverly back in a trade.

Knicks would trade Tyson to ATL so Horford slides to the 4. ATL would move Josh to Houston in a sign and trade, and Asik comes to NYK. Ideally, I would include Felton in there somehow, but 1) who wants him? and 2) that would kinda throw the numbers off I think.

Tyson makes $13M, Smith made $13M last year, so his new deal would start in that neighborhood, and Asik makes $5M. I'm not sure if the Knicks are allowed to take back less than a 1-to-1 dollar ratio as a tax paying team. But we still have that exception right?

If I were Grunny, I'd be crashing any talks that involve a center who's 7' of pure "move outta my way." I originally wanted a 2-way 5 to pair with Melo, but that's HIGHLY unlikely. So if I can go get a center who's big enough to contend with Hibbert, Brook(e), Vucevic, Noah, etc. I think I do my best to get him. Or at least try.