idk Tiger .... hoping Kidd fail at HC is like hoping Lebron or D,Wade never win a title.

In the 2013 draft night, Kidd showed he had a strategic-plan for the Brooklyn Nets.
Do u actually think Super-Star players KG, Pierce, and Terry would have agrreed to join the Brooklyn Nets if HOF Jason Kidd was not the HC?

The Nets have a top Bigman-coach in "KG & Pierce"
The Nets have a top Guard-coach in "Kidd & Terry"
The Nets have a great Towel & Water-boy PR coach in Frank.
Some teams u beat with ur guards in full effect, and some teams u beat with ur bigmen in full effect.

Now, if Charles Barkley go for the 2013-14 Brooklyn Nets over the Knicks, then Barkley graduated from Kindergarden with some logic...

P.S. Take my word on this one .. Rondo would never have 3/4 of the skills he possess today without KG/Pierce/Ray/Doc/and Thib on his back for improvement 24/7 for 2 straight seasons .. there were no-room for failure in Perkins & Rondo when the BIG-3 came together...