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I hate to start this but we all know this isn't the way the roster looks, unfortunately it looks like this:

Shumpert/J.R. Smith/Leslie
Anthony/(Stoudemire/Bargnani combo)

Woodson loves his two PG sets, and why would that change now... Felton is better when Pablo is on the court, since we all agree J.R. is best as a 6th man, we are one short on the starting rotation... Prigioni did well for us when he started, so this could of the been the incentive for him to return... As for Shumpert at the 3, his defensive skill set works on slowing down most of the league's premiere players...

We also know the Knicks plan on platooning Amare with Andrea so they are the bench behind Anthony just how the breakdown will work is anyone's guess...

Could see A.J. Matthews and Jerome Jordan on the roster behind Chandler but we should hope for a veteran to sign for vet min., need the experience as the depth...

At point guard is the biggest concern as Felton can be sporadic with foul trouble, we need someone who can come in and pickup where Raymond left off and there are only two free agents right now that should be targeted: Aaron Brooks & Will Bynum!!!

We could use another 2G but the rotation at the wings have enough depth to be effective... Worse case scenario Anthony plays some 3, during the season but stays mainly at the 4 spot...

Our main focus should be PG & C on depth, rest of the off-season... We need 2 Big Men, preferably rebounding centers, while finding one scoring point guard...

I see where you're going. Especially since Woodson loves the smaller and quicker lineup. But with Bargs being traded I doubt they both come off the bench together. Especially since their rebounding and defense is not up to par. We would lose out on a lot of second chance opportunities and give then up as well. Plain terms get killed inside. Woodson will have to adjust and have a more traditional line up.


Will likely be be the line up with Pablo, JR and Stoudemire coming off the bench. I actually think that would be the way to go. Also agree we need serious depth at the 5. Who's going to come in for rebounding and defense when Tyson's on the bench? Still plenty of work to do.