Da, it's EXTREMELY shady when a player turns down $10M to play for $3M...
someone needs to check on Kirilenko's family... wife, kids, grandma K, etc., or do
an exposť on how and why he would sign for SO much less MILLIONS OF RUBLES!!
Nyets Russkie prez must have something on Killaraincoat!

jeez, look at what the Nyets have done in 2 years compared to Knicks tiny brain trust,
headed by Jimmy "I play guitar" Dolan. btw, Dolan's band is opening for The Eagles!
WTF?!?! stupid money spent by a stupid man to satisfy his ego.
please have a heart attack and die on stage.

what a difference it makes to have a smart billionaire running a professional sports team
than a stupid sh*thead born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who doesn't know how to run a business.