The other moves made by these teams make them surprisingly refreshing and vicious. I expect competition to rise with several times while others may flag, due to their inability to make moves during this period. Then again I expect next year to also be huge with a lot of big names potentially leaving their fanbases to make the next super-team.

I think the Pistons lose out yet again.

Josh Smith always had the potential of a super-star but due to whatever external and internal reasons he never had it in him to just carry a team by himself. He lacks that killer-instinct that only a small % of players have in any professional league.

You can see it in their eyes and feel it in the air.

Despite the miles that separate Atlanta and Detroit - they've for the last few years given me the same feeling. I would call them siblings if they were people.

Cleveland - is a bit exciting but its a gamble. I think its a gamble that will eventually lose out - over the grind of the next season though. If anyone has seen the new Bynum video he has gained weight. The guy has spent his rehab - getting fat, I understand the bum knee rap but he could have spent that time swimming everyday instead ~ to burn the fat, build muscle comprehensively and prepare himself for when the Docs cleared him - so he could have aggressively pursued a weight training regiment that built the muscles around his knees and lower portion of his body.