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Kiyaman is saying STAT can't produce on the same floor as Melo.

This is obvious. They clutter the offense and kill ball movement. Having them on the same team was mindless.

I rather dead STAT than Melo. Melo is a top 5 talent easily, as good as Kevin Durant.

STAT is a shade of his former self...not as confident and mean as he use to be on offense. Very soft on defense. Atleast Melo is physical at times, even though Melo does show softness often on the defensive end.
Actually he's saying exactly what ca7 is trying to say what he's saying... metro you say alot of stuff some right and some wrong but at least you back up your arguments. Anything I ask kiya he doesn't back them up or his points are subjective and he never backs ANYTHING up with proof. If anyone knows what an anti fan is will surely know kiya us one. If he's a fan like you say how come when I ask him if he cheers when melo leads us to victory he can't say yes. I mean you cheer and root when we do well I'm sure so why doesn't he? Despite who is the reason for it

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