Oh man, i was really trying not to put my two cents on this but i can't help myself.

This is the year Shump will go for the gold, he will absolutely start.

I also believe Felton will still be the starting point, eventhough Prigioni started a few games last year. The man is younger and is actually a scoring threat, I love Prigioni on D and love him on the Knicks, but every drive to the basket if and when there is one, its guaranteed it will be a pass even if it looks like a layup, for that reason alone, backup point in my book, plus he is old as hell, lets conserve the man.

Of course, melo and chandler, but as for the 5th spot, i think it will alternate on a daily basis depending on the matchups. Will be between STAT, MWP and Bargi. I personally would have MWP backup Shump or vice versa and split the 5th spot between Bargi and STAT. I think STAT will have a great year even in his limited minutes and Bargi will over achieve our expectations. Bargi is bound to do way better, the man doesn't have to carry a franchise by himself anymore. Heard a commentator say the other day that Bargi did way better when Bosh was on the team with him, to me it's the same scenario here with way more options.