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I am more interested in running a deep (10 to 12) regular rotation than in who starts.

The Knicks will be better off if no player (even Melo) regularly exceeds 30 minutes per game, keeping the core team healthy into the postseason.

We have 14 players signed up .. we have more than 9 reliable STARTERS on the roster in
Here are ins and outs .....
How does HC Woody plan on given the listed 10 players decent playingtime minutes per game?
The next question is will all 10 players above be healthy at the start of the season?
How many of the 10 players will perform in the first 25 regular season games?

I ask those question from past experience as a Knicks-Fan, in the past 2 decades the Knicks always start the season with several top salary (starter) players on the injured-list from Larry Johnson, Camby, Mcdyess, Houston, JJ, Curry, Marbury, Amare.
We offseason Knicks fans make our early prediction of the conclusion of the season from the top-13 best players on our roster, it dont look good when two top players are injured in training-camp from not being ready, then one or two injuries happen in preseason, and then there is always that one player that gets on the HC last nerve (several with HC Dantoni).

Analysis on the 10 players above .......
If u notice how I line-up the 10 players above u will notice offensive-players name are first (Felton, JR, Melo, Amare, Barg) these are the players u rarely see committ a foul in the first 18 minutes of a game.
All 5 players talent lies in their high-scoring, passing the ball is a 3rd option, and they are weak defenders u will never see as a candidate for any defensive-team.
HC Phil Jackson would have all 5 offensive-players passing the ball to make their scoring easy, plus steady ball-movement give our top scorer option & easier baskets.

The other 5 players are strictly "defensive-players" inwhich 3 of the players already been on the NBA Defensive-Team in their career (Tyson, K-Mart, Meta, Shump, Beno). Their offensive-scoring come from their defensive-effort. All 5 defensive-players score easy in transition, and transition is something we did not have throughout the 2012-13 season. These 5 defensive-players should not be expected to score in a isolation play, unless u want them to look poor on offense.