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Great Point .... Brandon Jennings will b where Billups show his talent as a future HC by making Jennings a top passing-PG the first 50 games of the season, priming Stuckey & raw rookie KCP to relax while the game come to them. In midseason I see Jennings being givin the Green-Light to pass or shoot.
Rashhed Wallace is also a big factor in the Pistons Bigmen staying healthy throughout his workout & nutritional training in a 82 game season.

Rasheed Wallace & Kurt Thomas joined the Knicks in hope of grabbing a future assistant coaching job lastseason.
San Antonio Spurs just made their coaching staff deeper this off season. They convert good role players into assistant coaches and keep players close to the organization, a well run team that holds a high prestige for their future. Brett Brown just became head coach of the 76ers and he was an assistant coach for the Spurs. So was Jacque Vaughn and Tom Thib and many others.

Detroit did something really great in keeping Billups and Wallace within their franchise. These are the two guys that help made Detroit a powerhouse and one of the few Eastern Conference teams that can beat the West, which was filled with powerhouses.

This is what seperates other franchises from the Knicks. Knicks don't believe in a foundation, just marketing.