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UPDATE on KENYON MARTIN - as of July 17th

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<<The New York Knicks are working on resigning forward Kenyon Martin. After decent contributions on defense, the Knicks are looking to power up their bench as they continue to find ways to buy inexpensive players on the free agent market.

According to ESPN's Jared Zwerling, the Knicks' general manager, Glen Grunwald, was working on a deal that would get Martin back to Madison Square Garden. "We're just having discussions with Kenyon and his agent, and they're going pretty well," said Grunwald.

Martin's regular season numbers weren't mind blowing as the 35-year-old forward, who will possibly play his 14th season in the league, averaged 7.2 points, 5.3 rebounds and less than a steal and block per game. However, Martin's true potential and value was seen in the 2013 Playoffs as the Knicks needed bodies to protect the paint and grab boards. While his points and rebounds averaged dropped in the postseason, he averaged 1.4 blocks per game.

With Tyson Chandler struggling in the playoffs, the Knicks could use a guy like Martin off the bench. Martin won't replace a healthy Chandler's performance, but he is cost efficient, which is very important for the Knicks as they look to avoid overspending. Last season, Martin made less than $500K. He will probably get a pay raise, but don't expect too much out of the Knicks pockets.

The Knicks are once again focusing on defensive role players. They are fresh off their acquisition of the NBA's bad boy, Metta World Peace. They had the NBA's leading scorer in Carmelo Anthony. Though the Knicks could use some offensive leaders, right now, their budget only allows them to focus on cheap veterans who can play ball on the defensive side of the ball. >>

that's good to hear.
What's to discuss KMart? We can pay you 1.4M, sign on the dotted line please.