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#1) he was being sarcastic about Copeland and Scola.

#2)That's the thing...his (STAT's) knees aren't good enough to let him play 30+ mins a game. When you see a company or organization say one thing, but do another, they only said what they said as a bit of spin-control, damage-control, and crowd control.

In the summer of 2010, Amar'e went to at least 3 teams looking for a 5-year deal, and was turned down by all of them because "his knees wouldn't hold up." If I remember correctly, the Suns were offering 3-year guaranteed, with a team option on the 4th year, so if the knees went, so did Stoudemire.

The Knicks, after being turned down by LBJ, were on the rebound...big time, and the only team even remotely interested in STAT's knees for more than 3 years guaranteed. So he took the money and security. When they went to insure his contract (like the majority of sports contracts are) it was turned down by every insurance company who they looked to get a policy from. See...insurance companies want to take your money, and not have to pay out. But with STAT, it wasn't a matter of If they had to pay out on the policy, but WHEN.

So yea...we amnestied Billups a year early to get Tyson, who has never played all 82 games, but hasn't come close since 07-08, and we're now stuck with Amar'e.

When the organization tells you "oh, he's healthy enough to return to all-star form....but he's only gonna play 20 mins per game" let their actions speak louder than their words.
Stat and mwp off the bench is more lethal then cope and granger easily. Stat at 20 minutes all injury prone is waaaay better then anything cope could. Granger won't be granger cuz he's damaged goods too.

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