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some ppl on this board have some metnal problems or just desperations. Knicks lost game 1 which was very crucial. Same with Heat Pacers

if Knicks would win game 1 series could b very diffrent same with Heat Pacers without game winner by your Letraveller Pacers should have 2-0 goin to Indy.

Dont forget 1 thing

NBA allways wants Heat Lebron in finals $tern will allway rig some games
In a 6 game series, they out rebounded the Knicks 272 total rebounds to 220. Out rebounded us by 52 rebounds in 6 games, 8.6 extra possessions for them on a per game basis.

Not sure what winning game one does for that..but ok...I guess. This is why the Knicks can put pretty much whoever they want on the court, and because MSG is always going to be packed, they get away with it.

Whereas a smaller market, like Indy for example, was able to make the organization feel some pressure after that brawl @ The Palace vs the Pistons. The Pacers lost a lot of fan support, and it showed up in ticket sales.

We don't have that luxury here. You have no idea how many times I've had a convo in MSG with some folks who were from outta town and just there to see a game as a part of their vacay. NYC is a destination for vacation, so Knicks games can become an even for tourists as well as a game for the die-hard season tix holder.

This team is being mismanaged (as usual) in a variety of ways. Amnesty a player in the last year of his deal, ignoring the fact that all of the data points to you needing that amnesty for one of the highest paid players in the NBA...when you amnesty the contract entering it's last year, you get a player who in his previous 3 seasons played 74, 51, and 45 games, out of 82. But you give him a max deal cause he was just on a team that won a ring.

Then this season, you trade your only moveable first round pick that you have in the next 5 years, for a player who was literally going to be cut by his team. No reason to give up that pick, other than being straight fleeced.

But the fans act like it's ok...no worries...we'll be fine....this team is good. And in MSG, there isn't anything but cheers, the loudest ones coming from the people who only know one or two players.

There's absolutely no pressure on the organization from the fan base. We have to rely on the media, and all they're trying to do is sell papers and ad-space.

At this rate, when Melo opts out to either re-up with us for 4 more years, or a 5 year max deal elsewhere...it's gonna be up to the team to convince him to stay. And seeing as how Howard set the precedent for leaving real money on the table to go to a "better situation"... REALISTICALLY speaking, there could be some trouble on the horizon.