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u like to insult members opinions to much, i dont give a F bout that as long as u have input on their opinion.

Insulting my intelligence with I dont belong, and Im not a Knicks-fan is nonsense to me (so thats where the name came from).
Hell No! I dont agree with Owner Dolan's decision-making on the clubs GM, HC, and franchise players.
I was pissed at Dolan for firing GM Grunfield in 1999.
Our top assistant HC Herb Williams had 6 different HC bosses in the past 12 years.
It makes me curious about Herb's (real) role in the Knicks organization.

I mention my dislike of certain players, HC, and GM, before we sign or trade for them.
And yes, I made alot of K.O. members angry throughout the years mentioning the FLAWS of players, coaching-staff, and clueless GM's.

Metro will say some crazy things when the team or player does something crazy or we lose a winning game, but Metro dont insult a member until after that member insult him. Thats why I didnt get into the Metro & Crazy-8 feud, which I shouldve before the **** started flying...
Listen the Knicks nonsense name is amazing. Yeah you can not like moves they made but you still should hope for the best instead of waiting for them to fail and say I told you so. Also your opinions seem like something out of wwe saying stat is only injured cuz of iso melo(which was the 3rd best offense last year) as far as our beloved metro go your way off. He insults all the time. I said pablo won't start over Felton in a malice-less comment and was called an idiot but hey thats him. I just wonder If we all went to a game would u be high fiving us as melo and co gets buckets

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