Look forget all this talk about them linking up next year with The Lakers, that is a shortsighted view of the situation! the fact is that both Melo and Lebron are in good positions with their current teams (obviously Lebron's is better) and both players are on teams that have cap to add their own FA's in the next couple years so they are not jumping the gun a year earlier just to play w an aging Kobe and once popular coach

But in two years could they consider joining forces? Well lets say Mia wins at least one more title in Lebron's last 2 years then that would make 3 for him in South Beach thus possibly a feeling of wanting a new challenge and what better way to cement a legacy than to bring a title to NY?

Ok, maybe that sounds more fulfilling to a Knicks fan than maybe a pro athlete but winning in Miami is one thing but winning in New York completely different.

I'd be surprised if The Heat are the last team Lebron plays for, it just seems as if he is one of those guys who would want to win a title in multiple cities...now if he did come here and left to pursue a title elsewhere I would hate him all over again, but we'll cross that bridge in 2020 or so!

ok so lets look at the practicals...we'll have about 14 million committed to cap in 2015 -loving getting Novak off the books- say the cap is set at 59
that gives us 45 million to play with (I swear I was not a math major in college).

I figure you can sign both Lebron and for 16 million each give Tyson a backloaded contract starting at 7 million (remember teams under the cap can give bigger increases in salaries) still leaving 6 million or so in cap.

Why is this possible?

1.The core of players they would be adding to (Shump,Felton,Smith,Hardaway JR): While this does not does not read like a who's who of NBA player it does represent a foundation of solid complimentary players

2. Potential new coach: I love Woody and I would like to see him around long term, but being able to bring in new coach with a revamped roster would definitely be a draw and Woody's contract is up that season

3. Being able to fill out the roster: this ties into point #1, Our problem in 2010 was that had LBJ signed here there would have been a def imbalance. I mean it would have amounted to Felton,Wilson, Gallo,LBJ, Stat w Toney Douglas, Bill Walker Feilds -yet another SG/SF- Andy Rautins and of course Eddy Curry along with Dantoni's lack of concern for D....its no wonder he ultimately signed w The Heat!

Now look at the potential of the roster if he came in 2015


Metta (min)

plus leftover cap room to make bids at amnesty guys or sign a player outright. 6 million lands us a backup Center and Backup PG not to mention the league min guys

4. We are further removed from Isiah era: this era hurt us on so many levels but more than anything it made our team look extremely unstable and undesirable! Kudos to Stat for taking it on and bringing us back to respectability -why I will never feel Stat was not a worth while signing despite his injuries- and New York is no longer a joke but a relevant team in the NBA

Look lets stop the booing of this dude and let the courting begin all over again because this time its a real possibility!