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Lebron is the best player in the game and his will to win makes him that but I was thinking along the lines of what Bigapple was saying that his game is somewhat ugly. His jumpshot is ugly, his postgame the same and even though he may be as great or greater than Jordan, MJ was more artful on the court while Lebron uses his brute strength and athleticism to get it done.
exactly complete description

NO hangtime no crossover no fadeway no fakeshots no inteligence simply no ART just run and gun

Smaller player like N8 can easly superpass Lebron Nate can jump higher than Lebron

if some1 dont understand it simply just watch his game 6 vs Jazz in 1998 especially what he did to Russel or game 1 vs Blazers 1992

Thats why even MJ is taking Kobe over Lebron Kobe do same things as MJ