nice new nick letraveller

leFlooper is nice one too

u forgot one thing

Lebron is playing is diffrent rules time

There was no 3+1 during foul in Earving time
there was no clear path foul during Earving time
During Earving time 3pt line was longer distance than now
Earving Johnson was played against mine player which i listed above Lebron wasnt playing against /none of them

All NBA players dont wana cover Letraveller they know that there will be call in 1 sec in Earving time players can even
fight with ball for 3 secs

Lebron is simply secured/covered by NBA which is pushing him to finals.NBA wants Heat/lebron in Finals each year as long as possible


what about missing comparition to such players like Anfernee Hardaway and Latrell SPrewell during their prime