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Mark Berman is Charles Barkey with a column in The Post

the question is asked of Melo would the success of this team this year determine his choice to sign here long term and he replied something to the affect that it was too hard to call or whatever...basically what he was saying was that his future is not going to be decided based on how this team does this year...Fatboy Berman just twisted what he was saying..he complemented The Nets (as he did last year) and it gets interpreted like he's not content w Knicks (although he praised our additions too)

He already shutdown Laker rumors for next year and we have a chance to build something special in 2015 while being a legit team all the while (unlike 2010 where we just around mounting losses for 2 years hoping for a savior)

This story is inflated
i am also not thinking bout FA 2014 but it will b huge not BIG